Scenario Planning

Adapt to risks beyond your control without losing sight of your strategy.

In today’s interconnected and ever-changing business environment, it’s no longer an option to operate in silos. From global disruptors such as climate change, recessions, or pandemics, to internal business shifts like employee management, new customer realities, our Scenario Planning Workshop will help you connect the dots between your current business strategy and the critical uncertainties of the future.

Why run a Scenario Planning Workshop?

You want to stay ahead of internal and external disruptions to your business model.

You need a better way to plan for the future without limiting your growth in the present.

You want to better align your leadership and executive team on the opportunities and risks.

Our approach

A typical scenario planning workshop

Our experienced facilitators will guide you and your team through a structured workshop where you’ll clarify the driving forces impacting your organization’s future and align on the most critical paths to action.

  • Identify internal and external risks to your business

  • Prioritize risks by critical uncertainty and impact

  • Develop multiple plausible scenarios to address risks

  • Create draft action plans and discuss implications

We help organizations leverage the best innovation practices and tools to stay relevant and grow at scale.

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