Problem Framing

Finding the right solutions starts with a well-defined problem.

Defining your business challenge sets the stage to uncovering game-changing ideas. Work with our experienced facilitators to align on your most critical business challenges and to unlock your team’s creativity.

Why run a problem framing sprint?

You need to prioritize complex challenges and find the biggest opportunity
You need to align your team towards a common challenge
You want a better understanding of the root of the business need and challenge

Our approach

A Typical 2-Day Problem Framing Sprint

Our experienced facilitators structure each problem framing sprint to help you clearly define your business goals and your user’s goals. How do they align? How might you find new opportunities to serve them better? Faster.
  • Define current business context

  • Visualize long-term business success and impact

  • Define your target audiences and their challenges

  • Identify ways you can solve your user's pain points

  • Craft a well-defined challenge statement

Carlos Oliveira gives a general overview and answers question on why defining the right problem can make or break your innovation project.