Experiment-Driven Product Innovation

September 12, 2019

Organizations need a way to test new ideas and fast, kill ideas that don’t work and iterate on the ones that show more promise. In 2017, IDEO studied innovation in over 100+ companies and found that when teams iterate on five or more different solutions, they are 50% more likely to launch a product or service successfully.

The practice of continuous product improvement and innovation is a cycle of experimentation where teams rapidly test leap-of-faith assumptions and get evidence to support key business decisions, ultimately helping to build consensus and collaborate more effectively with stakeholders. 

A common challenge for organizations is having the discipline to identify, test and track progress towards innovation and making the cycle of experimentation and learning a key practice on any team.

Come and join Carlos Oliveira from AdaptiveX on September 18th at AgileTO in Toronto to hear more about how your organization and team can adopt an experimentation mindset and embed the practice of experiment-driven product innovation. Carlos will be speaking on the topic of experimentation and will walk participants through the Product Innovation Canvas as well as the Innovation Kata, a process to help teams think big, start small, and take the necessary steps to learn more about their customers to  start solving real problems sooner.

The Innovation Kata is inspired by and adopted from Melissa Perri’s Product Kata, which you can read more about in her latest book, Escaping the Build Trap.

Don’t miss this talk and an opportunity to network with other Agile practitioners.

Visit the AgileTO Meetup page to learn more and register: https://www.meetup.com/AgileTO/events/264406631/

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I look forward to seeing you there!



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