The Ultimate Guide to Agile for Non-Software Teams

Image of a working team on a desk

Moving beyond the IT and software development space, more businesses are looking at the Agile methodology to organize work and teams for improved collaboration, alignment, and productivity. This article will provide an in-depth and beginner-friendly guide about Agile, including its history, its benefits, and all you need to know to move your teams toward a […]

Case Study: Designing an Innovative Program for Young Canadians

Venture for Canada, a national charity, sought facilitation help to explore, align, and test ideas that will positively impact youth and young adults in the retail industry. Meet the Client Venture for Canada is a national charity that facilitates and fosters entrepreneurial skills in young Canadians. It does this through the recruitment, training and support […]

5 Ways Rapid Decision-Making Sprints can Transform Team Collaboration


Ditch your standard meeting / brainstorm format and get your projects on track The Rapid Decision-Making Sprint (RDMs) is probably my favourite tool ever. I’ve been working for over 16 years, and if I were given an option to travel back in time to Day 1 of my career but with the ability to bring […]

Design Sprints & Three Principles To Help Set Better Goals

Goal Setting

Why bother setting goals? Is it not enough to always simply ‘do your best’? Widespread research on goal setting proves quite the opposite in many aspects such as academia, early childhood development, and team environments. Without a specific target and a measurable end goal in mind, we tend to lack motivation, persistence, and results. But that doesn’t […]

Three Design Thinking Practices you can Adopt Tomorrow – Even Remotely

Design Thinking Practices

Now more than ever, teams and businesses are under a lot of pressure to constantly evolve, innovate, and stay relevant in a time of great uncertainty and major change. Many of those who’ve been tasked with leading innovation have probably come across, if not dabbled into, design thinking. And while it isn’t the key to […]

Iteration Is A Superpower: Q&A With J Li From Prototype Thinking Labs

J Li prototype thinking labs

One of the tenets of Design Thinking and Design Sprints is a bias for action – starting somewhere, and generating insights and learning that ultimately leads you to the creation of new or enhanced value (a.k.a. “innovation”).  Prototyping and testing are at the heart of innovation because this is where the real learning, and if approached […]

Q&A with John Zeratsky – Design Sprint Co-Creator & Author

John Zeratsky - Design Sprint Co-Creator

If you’re involved in any element of product/service design or development, innovation or growth (etc.) at your organization, chances are you’ve at least heard of Design Sprints. Because of their bias for action, repeatable systematic steps and their powerful risk mitigation qualities, design sprints have caught on like wildfire, especially in the US and Europe. […]

Want To Be Involved In Innovation? Develop Your Facilitation Skills

Innovation and facilitation skills

If you’re involved – or especially leading – any kind of innovation in your organization, one thing you can absolutely count on is that you’ll be facilitating a lot. Facilitation skills are a key element in the modern professional work world, and a foundational skill set for an innovation professional. The ways in which you […]

Agile Business Goals

Customer Discovery

As the pace of change continues to increase, implementing strategy and changing direction is still a major hurdle for most organizations. Companies now need to be able to focus, align and engage their people around dynamic and measurable outcomes – becoming more agile and flexible in their outputs and processes while helping people understand how […]

Experiment-Driven Product Innovation


Organizations need a way to test new ideas and fast, kill ideas that don’t work and iterate on the ones that show more promise. In 2017, IDEO studied innovation in over 100+ companies and found that when teams iterate on five or more different solutions, they are 50% more likely to launch a product or service […]